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Individual & Small Groups

Private food & beverage experiences and engaging workshops

Street cars. Oak trees. Brass bands. Mountain views. Fall leaves. Bluegrass bands.  
These are the sights and sounds of New Orleans and Asheville. But we both know you didn't travel to either for the sights and sounds. You’re here for the tastes. And most of all, you’re here for the unique and authentic drinks that make this city memorable.

Whatever brings you our way, CRAFT CULTURE can design a high concept, top quality, personalized experience that serves you the best beer and food the southeast has to offer—without effort, without fuss, and without gulping down your entire day. 



This is no pot of gumbo or catch-all jam band. A scheduled fifteen-minute consultation is all it takes for Advanced Cicerone® Karl Hartdegen to book your reservation and get started curating an experience that will deliver exactly what you’re looking for.

Whether that’s a 60 minute pregame or a 3 hour guided tasting, you’ll enjoy your personally tailored and guided exploration of a top beer city in the country as Karl pours you some of the best beers from the region and beyond.


And for those who want to dive deeper, Karl offers group workshops that take you far beyond the bayou or the Blue Ridge Parkway. Past offerings include pairing beer with cheese, sampling the work of female brewers, surveying the hops of the world—even finding the perfect food for your favorite cheap beer. We constantly update our schedule of classes and are always excited to hear your ideas for new offerings.

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